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Combat Flight Simulator

By iTechGen, the next generation in mobile helicopter simulation on iOS.

Air Cavalry - news and views

Mission 29

Capture Oil Rig

Deploying from the aircraft carrier with a special ops team, you are to covertly fly to the indicated oil rig. Your instrumentation will indicate to you when you are to fly below 100ft to avoid radar detection.

You are to fly under the oil rig and hover to enable the troops to deploy. Once deployed, you are to fly to a holding position of your choosing before returning and extracting the team once more from under the rig. On completion of pickup, you are to fly back to the carrier. Remember to stay below 100ft until you have put distance between your aircraft and the rig.


  • Stealth Hawk
  • Carrier Ops

Mission 28

You are to insert a Special Forces team to the target area at LP (Landing Point) Alpha; once deployed, the team with search out and grab their target. On deploying the grab team, you will take off and loiter in the area giving over watch and waiting for the ground team's smoke signal so you can pick them up.

Once you have seen the smoke signal, you are once again to land at LP Alpha, pick up all the personnel and return to base.

Be aware that concurrently to you inserting your team, your wingman will be deploying a second team into LP Bravo.

Intel believes there are heavy defences in the area of the target, including armoured patrol vehicles with MMG and troops with SA.


  • Stealth Hawk
  • Desert

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