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Mission 25


In this mission, you are to use all of your skill to approach the enemy-occupied village covertly to carry out a reconnaissance by using the clock ray method, in that you approach the village by use of stealth mindful of small arms ranges. Use your optics to search out the enemy, withdraw and move to your next position. Repeat until you have systematically circled the village.

We have already identified a tank at the check point and this should be ignored by you. You are to concentrate on locating and marking the three enemy positions within the village. The enemy are believed to have one pickup truck with a HMG mounted and two observation posts.

Once you have found a target, mark it using your optical systems and the target details will be passed back by data link.


  • Kiowa
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Tiger and Kiowa added to AirCav

Great news, I have just released 2 new helicopters for the game. The Eurocopter Tiger above, and the Kiowa. Both have some very interesting new missions.

Mission 24

Search and Destroy

You are to search out and neutralise the enemy in 2 base locations. The base locations have been programmed into your navigation computer and will be indicated to you as way points.

You have an Artillery section allotted to you for your entire mission and fire can be called for via the data link by using the laser target designator. Time of Flight for fire missions will be indicated in the HUD display.

High priority and immediate threat targets can be destroyed using your onboard weapon systems.

Once both targets have been neutralised, return to the carrier.


  • Kiowa
  • Carrier Ops

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