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Air Cavalry - news and views

Air Calvary UPDATED

Finally today a new update to Air Calvary was released, which included new missions, new gun effects and bug fixes. The Pro version of the game will not be too far behind.

We have also added a new helicopter, for you all to get a grip of, the AH-1Z Viper, A four bladed version of the Cobra, and recently entered service with the US Marine Corp.
The new missions include night operations against insurgents, armed with anti aircraft systems.
To recap on all the new features:
- new AH-1Z Viper helicopter
- new missions
- night missions (green night vision, thermal FLIR)
- bullet impact thermal effects (in FLIR WHOT/BHOT)
- new Mini-gun sound effect (from a real one)
- many other tweaks
- some GameCenter achievements fixed