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Air Cavalry - news and views

Tiger and Kiowa added to AirCav

Great news, I have just released 2 new helicopters for the game. The Eurocopter Tiger above, and the Kiowa. Both have some very interesting new missions.

Mission 24

Search and Destroy

You are to search out and neutralise the enemy in 2 base locations. The base locations have been programmed into your navigation computer and will be indicated to you as way points.

You have an Artillery section allotted to you for your entire mission and fire can be called for via the data link by using the laser target designator. Time of Flight for fire missions will be indicated in the HUD display.

High priority and immediate threat targets can be destroyed using your onboard weapon systems.

Once both targets have been neutralised, return to the carrier.


  • Kiowa
  • Carrier Ops

Mission 21

Deploy Arty

The gun line is to be relocated and distributed to give the Battle Group longer reach. You are to deliver 2 US Marine M777's, 155mm Howitzers to their new gun positions. You are to take off and immediately pickup the first gun and fly it to waypoint 2. The LZ is marked by orange smoke and you are to drop the first gun here, returning to the FOB to pick the other one up. The second gun is to be delivered to the roof of the building at way point 4, again marked by orange smoke.

On completion of both tasks you are to return to the FOB.


  • CH-53 Super Stallion
  • Afghanistan

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